Flair Neo Flex


The Flair NEO Flex is the successor to the revolutionary NEO. In this price category there is no other machine that delivers true espresso.

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    This is the newest version, which includes a pressure gauge and redesigned brew chamber!
    This manual espresso machine can easily generate 9 bar pressure (or more). Thanks to the red pressurized portafilter, you also get tasty espresso with good crema if your coffee grinder doesn't grind fine enough, making it the ideal machine for novice baristas. Even pre-ground coffee is usable!
    Want more experimentation and control afterwards? Then replace the red one by mounting the included black bottomless portafilter, but you'll need an espresso-specific coffee grinder for this. Unlike almost all espresso machines, it is also possible to do other things with a Flair, such as cold-press espresso with cold water, for example. Or you can mimic the pressure profile of an E61 machine, or that of a lever machine, or taste what a "Scott Rao high-extraction shot" tastes like. Some time ago, the espresso world was turned upside down as all the rules were questioned by the paper “Systematically Improving Espresso: Insights from Mathematical Modeling and Experiment“. With a Flair you can easily test this theory. It may sound strange for such an affordable machine, but a Flair can not only make at least as good an espresso as a much more expensive semi-automatic machine, but it can do much more. The texture and viscosity of a Flair shot is superior, and you have much more control over the final flavor. Because you build up pressure manually, you literally feel the flow of water through the coffee, so you have continuous control over everything. And an espresso that you have made manually tastes much better for that reason alone. Details: - Black, lightweight polycarbonate frame, with both the red 'pressurized portafilter' and the black 'bottomless portafilter' - Like all Flairs, this one makes real espresso. - The NEO Flex is the cheapest Flair, ideal for novice home baristas. - The pressurized portafilter provides extra pressure, making the correct grind less crucial. - Easy to use and maintain, no periodic descaling, long warm-up time, etc. - More flexible than a semi-automatic espresso machine because it can be used for cold-press, flow-profiling, low-pressure shots, etc. - Compact, ideal for at home or at work. - Sustainable, because only uses coffee and relatively little water. Waste-free, easy to maintain and all parts are readily available. - Included: Pressurized portafilter, bottomless portafilter, funnel, plastic dosing cup/tamper. - Optional: stem tamper, temperature strip.

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