Terms and conditions

Present conditions are an integral part of the agreement, and with exclusion of the of the customers own terms and conditions. They can only be deviated from in writing. The customer acknowledges expressly to have read these terms and conditions and to consent to them completely and without reservation. However The God Shot makes every effort to present the products on the website correctly, it exceptionally may occur that certain data contain some errors. If a listing on the website contains an obvious error, The God Shot reserves the right to cancel any orders that have been made on the basis of that obvious error.


The data that the customer provides when placing an order, are governed by The God Shot’s general privacy policy. The customer is responsible for the correct transmission of his/hers data, as well as any changes to that data. The God Shot can not be held accountable for the use of data that were modified by the client, but not passed on to The God Shot.


​The God Shot makes every effort to deliver ordered goods and/or services within the agreed term. In exceptional cases, it may occur that this delivery period must be deviated from for reasons beyond The God Shot’s control. In such cases, The God Shot cannot be held liable for late delivery.


When ordering goods, the risk of loss, theft or damage during transport lies exclusively with the customer, unless explicitly stipulated otherwise. Ownership of the ordered goods only transfers to the customer as soon as the full invoice amount has been paid. The customer has to use the goods for what they were intended for. The God Shot is not liable for damages to the customer or third parties if they resulted from the incorrect use of the delivered goods.


Goods can be returned within the legal withdrawal period of 14 calendar days. A kitchen appliance can not be tested, as that would cause traces of use on the product. The customer will be held liable for the depreciation of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods that goes beyond what was necessary to determine the characteristics and to verify the proper functioning of the goods. If the customer exercises the right of withdrawal, they must return the received goods as soon as possible and no later than 14 days after the customer has informed the seller of his/hers decision to cancel the purchase. he customer will pay the costs for returning the goods, unless agreed upon differently. In some cases you cannot invoke the right of withdrawal: goods that are made made-to-measure, sealed goods that cannot be unsealed after arrival because of hygienic or health reasons, the reservation of a training course less than 48h in advance. When one of the parties doesn’t adhere to its contractual obligations, the other party has the right – after notice of default – or to suspend its obligations, or to dissolve the agreement without judicial intervention, if no or no useful action is taken on the notice of default within eight working days.


Every invoice is payable in full, unless stipulated differently. In the event of a full or partial non-payment on the due date, the outstanding amount will automatically, and without the need for prior notice, be increased by an interest as referred to in Article 5 of the Act of 2 August 2002 on combatting payment errors in commercial transactions and a compensation of 10 % (the latter with a minimum of 40 euros). The God Shot also reserves the right to suspend all current deliveries until full payment of the total charged amount, interest and compensation, without prejudice to any other legal or contractual recourse. Any other outstanding invoice amounts become immediately and fully due and payable.

Deliveries to the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Norway will be charged 0% VAT as they are export orders, outside the European Union. Upon import into these countries the shipping company will charge the receiving customer customs duties and the VAT that is applied in this country.

The God Shot retains all intellectual rights to the products and services it offers. In no way can an order for goods and/or services be considered as a transfer of these rights, unless explicitly stated otherwise. An order does not in any way give the customer the right to use the name or the logo for any purpose, unless this has been expressly authorised in advance by The God Shot.
All our agreements are governed by Belgian law. Any disputes arising under this agreement can only be brought before the courts of the district of our registered office.