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the future


Stronghold Inc. (°2010) Technology is leading a revolution in the world of coffee roasting. The S7Pro, S7X en S9X have unique features like auto-replication, precise control over triple heat application and online sharing of roast profiles. These roasting machines operate solely on electricity, which make them the perfect choice for a climate-neutral coffee future. 

The S7Pro is also the official machine for the World Coffee Roasting Championship and perfect as a shop roaster. Benelux customesr can try these themselves in one of our BE & NL showrooms, as we are the official exclusive Benelux distributor. A demo in your company is also perfectly possible!

The Stronghold X-series offer even more control, with a variable drum-temperature and an additional high-precision infrared-sensor. The S9X has a batch capacity of 3-8kg and a hourly capacity of at least 32kg. Ideal for a transition away from fossil fuels, and a smarter use of manpower thanks to auto-replication of your ideal roast profile.

​Smart roaster

For 2 consecutive years, 3 out of 6 finalists of the World Barista Championship 2022 and 2023 - including present champion Boram Um - used coffee roasted on a Stronghold. Why? 
Because no other roasting machine offers this much control over the different ways of heat-application. The most subtle aromas are within reach.

Intensity, mouthfeel, balance and body can be tweaked into the smallest details thanks to a combination of a 5-layer vertical drum with a variable speed agitator, hot air and halogen radiation. 
Convection, conduction and radiation settings are saved and can be shared online. Machine calibration guarantee perfect replication of profiles created by anyone.


The auto-replicate function leaves the carefully compiled roasting profiles safely in the hands of the Stronghold, which saves a lot of time for the user. Just load the right amount of coffee and Stronghold will do all the rest. This while you keep your hands free for packaging, marketing, customer contact etc.... To become climate neutral, we must move away from fossil fuels and electric coffee roasting is the future. Roasting wordclass high quality coffee was never so much within reach.

Specifications S7Pro and S7X

Width: 65 cm 

Depth: 62 cm 

Height: 88 cm


72 kgs (S7Pro)

75 kgs (S7X)

Electrical Output:
3.5kW (S7PRO)

5,8 kW (S7X)

Hot Air: 2kW

Halogen: 1,5kW

Drum Heater (S7X)


batch size: 

Beans 850g

X-lens Infrared sensor

Only on X-series

Specifications S9X

Width: 142 cm 

Depth: 125 cm 

Height: 190,5 cm


316 kg

Electrical Output:

34.3 kW

Hot air: 16 kW

Halogen: 5,2 kW

Drum heater: 10 kW


batch size: 

Beans 8 kg

X-lens Infrared sensor

Only on X-series

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