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    Hacienda Sonora sits at the foot of the Poas Volcano. The farm operates on 100% renewable energy generated by a hydroelectric generator that transforms rushing rivers into energy. The energy fuels the wet and dry mills and provides free electricity for everyone living and working on the farm. On the whole, Hacienda Sonora has shared its success generously, paying fair wages to all workers and bolstering the local community.

    The farm and its mill cover approximately 100 hectares. Of those, 45 hectares are devote to shaded coffee lands. Coffee plants are surrounded by exotic trees and other native vegetation. This biodiversity promote soil health and maintains the nutrient-rich soil that helps grow dense, delicious cherry.

    Hacienda Sonora has its own micromill, which enables the farm to keep lots separated by variety and create unique microlots. The mill is centrally located, right next to a traditional sugarcane mill that’s been preserved intact for over 150 years.

    This cascara comes from the Natural coffees processed at Hacienda Sonora. After selective handpicking, ripe cherry is washed in clean water and then laid to dry on either the farm’s raised beds or its patio where it is turned frequently to promote even drying. Once dry, Natural coffees are stored for 2 months before being hulled at the farm’s dry mill. The dried husks are removed and preserved as cascara.

    With Cascara you can make a sweet tea or a syrup to use in other beverages or make a cockatil / mocktail from it. It doesn't taste like coffee. Coffee is made from the bean inside the cherry, which has been roasted. But coffee cherry is a fruit. Cascara is the dried hulling around the coffee bean and has a fruity, sweet flavour. It contains cafeïne, but not in the same amount as the coffee bean. Tea from Cascara is best described as an infusion tea. 

    Recepy for tea, 1 cup: 

    • 10gr Cascara
    • 200 ml water, use soft water
    • 95°
    • 4 minutes soak


    • Variety: Catuai, Caturra, Marsellesa, Sarchimor, SL28, 100% Arabica
    • Altitude: 1200 - 1300m
    • Method: natural
    • Notes: Honing, appel, hibiscus.
    • Quantity: 100 gr of 200 gr cascara
    • Our bags are 100% recyclable, produced in a CO2-neutral way and can be thrown away in the PMD-bin. Also check out our CoffeeVac and Fellow Atmos containers that we sell as a packaging-free option.

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