Flair 58 Plus


Dit is de nieuwste versie van de Flair 58. Extra's in vergelijking met de gewone Flair 58 zijn de walnoot accenten, zwarte schroeven, logo's en inbegrepen magnetische spiegel.

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585,95 €

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    The Flair 58 Plus is the ultimate manual espresso machine. Complete control over your God Shot, now also in the 58mm standard. Flairistas know that with a manual machine you have total control over your God Shot and can make superior espresso. The 58 is the ultimate Flair with a preheat controller and compatibility with hundreds of 58mm accessories. The 3-position preheat controller heats up both the brew chamber and portafilter in a few minutes. With 3 settings for light, medium and dark roast coffee beans, the use of a hot water kettle with digital temperature control, you can accurately adjust every shot precisely. Due to the 58mm basket size, the Flair 58 is compatible with many existing 58mm tools, such as VST and IMS baskets, tampers, distribution tools, etc. A puck screen is included as standard and serves as a shower screen. In addition, the 58 Plus comes with both a high-flow and low-flow basket.

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